Feasibility Testing

Posted by Kevin Thomas on June 29, 2021

Feasibility Testing

Here are five things that are suggested in completing a feasibility test.

Soil Stability Test:  

Land-use plans must be formulated to provide for the optimum utilization of available land resources.  For example, is their rock beneath the soil preventing usability, clay, or determination regarding wetlands.


In simple, one cannot get a loan without having water availability to the property. 

Here are some options to ensure a water source:

  • Personal well – or
  • An attach or shared well
  • Public water in street


  • Is there power already at the street
  • Will they need to trench to the property destination
  • Contact power company for power accessibility


A perc test determines the water absorption rate of the soil.  This test is to understanding whether a septic system can be installed.  In short, if land is rural and a municipal sewer system isn’t available, a septic system helps make a property “livable.”

Sewer Sources:

  • Onsite
  • Septic
  • Community
  • Public Sewer

I am well versed in vacant land and would highly recommend using a Realtor when completing your dream house vision.